International exhibition “Radiophysics and Electronics – 2017” was attended by well-known companies – manufacturers of instrumentation: Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight Technologies, National Instruments, NPK «TAIR». Their original development was presented by collectives of company XTRONIK (TUSUR), NIIPP, TUSUR, SIPT and, of course, TSU. Exposition of military communications from Institute of Military Education of TSU enjoyed constant attention of visitors.

“We tried to attract as much as possible all participants of NGC2017 international forum,” said organizer of exhibition “Radiophysics and Electronics” Grigory Dunaevsky in his closing speech.

Korotaev Alexander Grigorievich, Dean of Radiophysics Faculty of TSU, said: “It’s nice that mostly young scientists take part in the forum.” The new generation is moving towards scientific research! “.

Exhibition was visited by more than 500 people, among them also pupils of several schools (№ 28, 24 and others). An excursion in English was very interesting for schoolchildren. Students of the city’s universities not only profile specialties, but also others, could find something useful and new for themselves. So group of Department of Economic Theory of Faculty of Economics and Management of TSPU within framework of studying discipline “Museology” examined exhibits of exhibition of technical and other expositions.

Diplomas of various degrees for their discoveries and inventions were awarded to exhibitors. Grand prix was awarded to XTRONIK for prototype of electric cycle.

Full list of exhibits:

1. Electric cycle “XTRONIK”. Representatives: Murojon Abulkasymov, Semyon Shkarupo, Ibrahim Tsoroev (XTRONIK Company, TUSUR)
2. “Light sources of visible range of special purpose”. Representatives: Mikhail Voropaev, Dmitry Zasukhin, Andrei Kokhanenko (NIIPP and TSU)
3. “Communication system based on nondeterministic signal”. Representatives: Grigory Zhuk, Yegor Alekseev, Dmitry Minenko (TUSUR)
4. “Radio surveillance” – a device to detect and visualize living people behind obstacles
5. Radiograph of engineering structures
6. Electronic educational resource “Microwave Office. Development and modeling in CAD ». Representatives: Andrey Zhukov, Ilya Churilov (TSU)
7. Electronic educational resource “Programming of Arduino Uno microcontroller”. Representatives: Andrey Zhukov, Vasily Atamasov, Grigory Malenko (TSU)
8. Electronic educational resource “Basics of working with NI ELVIS II +”. Representatives: Andrey Zhukov, Melnikov Grigory (TSU)
9. “Means and complexes of communication of Armed Forces of Russian Federation”. Representatives: Nikolay Plotnikov, Anton Saraykin, Sergey Zhakupov (Institute of Military Education of TSU)
10. “Radio in military training center at the TSU.” Representatives: Yuri Khatskevich, Andrei Perelimin (Institute of Military Education, TSU)
11. Terahertz complex of diagnostics of hidden heterogeneities of materials. Representatives: Vygovsky Vasily, Berdyugin Alexander, Badin Alexander, Dorozhkin Kirill, Kremzer Roman (TSU)
12. Additive technology for production of metamaterials. Representatives: Badin Alexander, Le Ba Hyu, Zubtsov Sergei, Kovalev Sergey (TSU)
13. “Model of a digital holographic camera for assessing ecological state of water area”. Representatives: Victor Demin, Valentin Suslyaev, Alexey Olshukov, Igor Polovtsev, Viktor Zhuravlyov, Evgeny Korovin, Alexandra Davydova (TSU)
14. “Model of a holographic camera for study of defects in crystals for photonics.” Representatives: Victor Demin, Valentin Suslyaev, Alexey Olshukov, Igor Polovtsev, Viktor Zhuravlyov, Evgeny Korovin, Alexandra Davydova, Alexander Badin, Kirill Dorozhkin, Sergey Podzyvalov, Alexander Gribenyukov (TSU)
15. “Device for non-destructive testing of crystals for photonics using the method of IR digital holography” (TSU)
16. “Laboratory stand APK-N for complex in-situ diagnostics of aquatic environment” (TSU)
17. Apparatus and technique for warming frost-bitten limbs with help of low-power microwave radiation. Representatives: Grigory Dunaevsky, Vladimir Antipov (SFTI and TSU)
18. Ionosond “Tomion”. Representatives: Sergey Kolesnik, Maxim Pikalov, Rustam Khaitov, Igor Tsyupa, Maria Balykina (TSU)

All developments were marked with memorable signs and diplomas in following nominations: 

• Radiophysical methods in study of environment
• Practical application of radiophysical methods in communication facilities
• Modern radio materials
• Optical, laser and optoelectronic devices and technologies
• Algorithms and software in radiophysics
• Devices and installations for conducting radiophysical studies
• Electronic educational resources